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Employee Documentation Required to Substantiate FFCRA Leave Request

by | Mar 6, 2020 | CARES Act, FFCRA, Tax Credit |

An Employee is required to provide the Employer documentation containing the following information prior to taking Emergency Paid Sick Leave or Expanded Family and Medical Leave under the FFCRA:

  • The basics –
    • Employee name,
    • dates of requested leave,
    • statement of COVID-19 reason for the leave and
    • statement why the employee is unable to work/telework as a result of such COVID-19 reason
  • In case of quarantine order or advice to self-quarantine –
    • name of government entity ordering quarantine or healthcare provider name advising self-quarantine, and
    • name of person and the relation to the employee if the employee is not the subject of the quarantine
  • In case of school closing/childcare provider closing/unavailability –
    • name and age of the child(ren) to be cared for,
    • name of closed school or unavailable place of care,
    • representation that no other person will be providing care for the child during the period the employee is receiving FFCRA leave, and
    • with respect to the employee’s inability to work or telework because of a need to provide care for a child older than fourteen during daylight hours, a statement that special circumstances exist

Thus, employee applications for FFCRA leave should contain these elements at a minimum.